Who didn’t love playing the telephone game as a child? I know I did! It was absolutely fascinating to see how twisted and tangled a message became as it passed in a whisper from one friend to the next.

As an adult, I’m still intrigued by how easily information can get distorted. Only, now I recognize the danger in it. Misinformation is rampant, particularly in the industry I care so much about. After all, the Internet is like the world’s largest game of telephone, spreading half-truths and falsehoods like wildfire. So let’s clear the air. Here, three common—perhaps surprising—real estate myths…and the truth.

MYTH #1: Weekends bring out the serious buyers.

The truth: I’m not sure exactly how this became popular belief when it typically isn’t true. And it doesn’t make much sense anyway to limit serious buyers to a couple days a week; those who are interested will buy any time. What’s more, weekends actually tend to bring out nosy neighbors and curious voyeurs instead of serious shoppers—people wanting to see how the other half lives or get decorating ideas for the house they’re happily living in. In fact, Zillow has a new show called “Open House Obsessed,” which follows people who spend their weekends attending open houses solely for the fun of it.

MYTH #2: All agents are basically the same.

The truth: This one really sticks in my craw. Real estate’s no different than other professions in that there are agents who are intensely passionate about what they do, and who go above and beyond when it comes to helping their buyers and sellers and learning all there is to learn about the ever-changing industry. And then there are those who do the bare minimum to get by and keep their jobs. When selecting a real estate agent, do your homework. Seek out a REALTOR®—a member of the National Association of REALTORS® who is held to the highest ethical standards—with the skills and experience that best suits your needs. Of course, I do hope we’re a match! I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have about my background, as well as about how I like to work with my buyers and sellers and my expectations for these important relationships. One quick tip: What’s in a name? Just as doctors have specialties, so do real estate agents in order to better serve your needs. For example, I’m a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™, with the CLHMS designation. That means I’ve made it my mission to know the ins and outs of the luxury home and estate market so that I can pass that knowledge onto you.

MYTH #3: You save tons of money by selling yourself.

The truth: It can be tempting to go the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) route, especially if you believe this myth. But the reality is you could wind up losing out on profit. Research shows that, on average, houses sold by their owners fetch around 20% less than those sold by an agent. In fact, buyers actually expect a substantial discount on homes that are FSBO. Not to mention, selling a home is much more than taking some nice photos and posting them online, and hammering a sign into the grass in your front yard. There’s all the marketing, the screening of potential buyers, handling inquiries and scheduling showings, conducting negotiations and dealing with contracts and contingencies, and the list goes on.

I know this work like the back of my hand, and I’m here to help make selling your home easy and profitable for you.

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