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Historic Architecture on the A-B Tech campus

Known today as the Smith-McDowell House, Buck House was constructed around 1840, over twenty years before the Civil War. During a time when most people lived in wood frame houses, the imposing structure was composed of brick and is the oldest surviving house in...

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My Favorite Things About Asheville

SHUT-IN TRAIL On a crisp fall day, nothing beats a good hike.  Thanks to George Vanderbilt, we have a 16-mile trail that he built to access his hunting lodge at the base of Mt. Pisgah.  There are many access points from overlooks all along the Blue Ridge Parkway,...

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3 Real Estate Myths to Stop Believing NOW

Who didn’t love playing the telephone game as a child? I know I did! It was absolutely fascinating to see how twisted and tangled a message became as it passed in a whisper from one friend to the next. As an adult, I’m still intrigued by how easily information can get...

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Want to Sell? Show Your Landscape Some Love

You’ve spent time staging your home’s interior to seal a sale—it’s clean, decluttered, and smelling fresh, with colorful accents in every room. But what about the exterior? Consider this blog post a not-so-subtle nudge to not forget about it. After all, it’s the first...

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Chiles House – Asheville’s Spanish Revival Fantasy Villa

Recently named to the National Register of Historic Places, the Chiles House, a Spanish Revival villa, has been called one of the most unique homes in the city of Asheville. James Madison Chiles, the original developer of the Kenilworth community, and his wife Leah constructed their home in the heart of the neighborhood. Construction began in 1922 and took 4 years to build at a cost of $80,000.

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Grove Arcade

The Grove Arcade is considered one of downtown Asheville’s architectural jewels.  E.W. Grove commissioned architect Charles Parker to “create the most elegant building in America”.  Parker envisioned the building to have a 5-story base and a 14-foot tower.  Grove died...

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