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All sellers want to get the best price for their home. Doing so requires partnership with an agent skilled at developing a lifestyle story. Sellers have often fallen out of love with their houses, but it is critical to remember that, especially in an area like Asheville, a home purchase is a fulfillment of a dream for buyers.

Buyers toil away in cities like Cleveland, Atlanta, and DC and what keeps them going is that dream of a mountain home. And even those buyers lucky enough to already live in the mountains are going to the trouble of moving for a lifestyle upgrade. A quieter street. A larger yard. A bigger view. Specs and adjectives like stunning, amazing and spectacular don’t cut it for today’s sophisticated buyers. They want specifics. They want to know that the sun and moon rise over the eastern ridge in your view and that when they do you always stop to take them in.

Janet has worked with hundreds of Asheville real estate buyers, and she constantly references their dreams and goals in crafting the marketing stories of her listings. Onsite salespeople for planned communities must ace the lifestyle-benefit presentation as failing to show a buyer the sweet life onsite results in a lost sale for the whole community. Janet’s experience as a top producer at The Cliffs at Walnut Cove makes her uniquely qualified among general Asheville real estate agents to tell the lifestyle story.


Most homes are used. What do you do when you buy a used anything? Take a car. Straightaway, you’ll look carefully at what you’re able to assess. Tire wear. Paint scratches. Dirt under seats. You’re no mechanic, but you’re evaluating whether the car was cared for. Why? Again, you’re no mechanic and so any repairs down the road will be expensive. The point is you are using trivial things like surface scratches as indicators of the overall quality of the car.

Buyers do the same with homes. Sure, a buyer ought to look right past pressure-washing a deck or driveway since it’s such an easy task. But they don’t, at least not when they’re paying top dollar. If the things that are in plain sight are in disrepair, buyers wonder what that might mean for scary, mysterious and expensive things like HVAC and electrical systems.

Should sellers spend thousands preparing their homes for the market? Probably not, but neither should the budget for sprucing things up be zero. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market for several months, contact Janet now, and she’ll give you some free ideas of what you can do to prep your home for buyers.


“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” –Warren Buffett

On the one hand, buyers will not pay more than fair value for a property. On the other, we see examples worldwide of beautiful marketing and merchandising delivering premium prices for products. Property marketing is no different. At its best, it tells the complete value story. Buyers are not willing to pay for benefits they don’t know about. Any agent can communicate the facts. Janet makes sure her sellers’ homes connect with buyers’ hearts.

As a seller, you should choose agent capable of delivering the finest marketing from Day 1. (Janet!) That way, if the property does not receive sufficient attention from buyers after some time on the market, you will at least know that a second-rate marketing effort is not the real culprit.

So those are some general thoughts, but what about specifics? Sellers often have no idea what their homes are worth. Just give Janet a quick call and supply some minimal info and she’ll have a range of values ready for you within 24 hours.