Yes, Spring really is typically the best time to list your home. But the beautiful weather and bustle of buyers don’t just magically equate to a sale. It’s a good idea to give your house a springtime makeover in order to help your Realtor (hopefully that’s me!) land a contract. Don’t worry, though, I’m not suggesting a ton of work that’ll keep you from enjoying all that Asheville and Western North Carolina have to offer now. Heed a few of these easy—even fun—recommendations this season, and together we’ll sell your home before summer sets in.


  • Dote on your doorway. A clean, pretty entryway sets the tone for the entire showing. Consider purchasing a new welcome mat that isn’t worn out from this winter’s snowstorms. Try a fresh springtime paint hue on the door itself. And add a few potted daffodils or tulips on your porch or steps to welcome potential buyers and hint at the charm and warmth they’re about to step into.
  • Tackle some spring-cleaning. Specifically, target your windows and mirrors. You can quote me on this: Sparkle sells houses. When they shine, your mirrors will better reflect sunlight—plus better show off the design elements in your room that you want to capture a buyer’s eye. And crystal-clear windows don’t just help highlight your home’s exterior spaces, they help brighten and showcase the interior views, too.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Never underestimate the power of flowers. A vase full of fresh-cut blossoms instantly livens up a space with color and natural fragrance (artificial scents can be off-putting and are a touch more likely to trigger allergies in those susceptible). Since so many varieties bloom this time of year, you can easily find the shades and scents that you enjoy and that compliment your home. My designer colleagues recommend choosing one type of flower for the most impact: Having a concentration of color makes for a nice focal point and doesn’t distract from other patterns that may be nearby. As far as the vase? Shoot for a neutral vessel that’s either clear, white, chrome, or wood. And don’t just put flowers in the living room or bedrooms: Freshen up bathrooms as well.
  • Give your accents some attention. Now’s the time to put away the heavy flannel quilts and bring out crisp, light bedspreads—and to introduce pops of color throughout your house beyond flower arrangements. Towels, linens, throw blankets, and throw pillows are all inexpressive accents that, in spring colors and designs, present the perfect opportunity to light up a room. If your space is simple and neutral, consider bold colors and floral or other seasonal patterns. If you’ve already got lots happening on your walls, floors, or furniture, go simple with solids. 

  • Have a little fun with fruits (and veggies). Pillows and blankets easily make a living space or bedroom pop. But what accents can you add in the kitchen? In addition to cut flowers, consider using fresh fruits not only for a little color but also to highlight the future meals a buyer will enjoy making there. A simple white or glass bowl of lemons or limes can be stunning. For something more unexpected, fill a glass jar with just-harvested radishes from the farmers market for a splash of magenta, or place herbs in mason jars with a little bit of water for a sea of green and a pleasant aroma.


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