You’ve spent time staging your home’s interior to seal a sale—it’s clean, decluttered, and smelling fresh, with colorful accents in every room. But what about the exterior? Consider this blog post a not-so-subtle nudge to not forget about it. After all, it’s the first impression potential buyers have of your home, and what invites them inside to take a look. What’s more, we don’t just live inside our houses, we dwell in the outdoor spaces, too.

So use this spring and summer, while the weather’s warm and everything’s in bloom, to give your landscape some TLC. After TK years of showing homes, I can assure you that these are the landscapes buyers are hunting for.

A lush lawn.

Buyers want homes with barefoot-friendly lawns; they look great and offer a place to play—for kids and adults alike. Don’t believe me? Stats show that putting a little money into creating a thriving lawn can earn you up to a 300 percent return on your investment. If you’ve got a small yard, don’t fret: The grassy space doesn’t need to be huge. The name of the game here is simply healthy and verdant.

If your lawn hasn’t fully filled in since winter or the grass turned brown during the cooler months, try overseeding, the process of applying grass seed over an existing lawn. It will thicken and green up the lawn, including spaces that have taken a beating not just from weather but also kids and pets over the years. Get tips online or at your local garden center.

Of course, you’ll want to keep up with mowing and maintenance to ensure the lawn stays looking its best. That includes edging, making sure your driveway and any sidewalks or walkways are trimmed. This simple act can go a long way in making the lawn look orderly.


Some color and design.

It’s not just about green: Buyers want to see well-thought-out flower beds bursting with color. Make sure the beds are weeded and mulched so they appear well-kept as well as low-maintenance. You can also add color in pots, both in beds and near your entryway—then take the plants with you when you move! Consider incorporating other landscape design basics, too, such as a winding flagstone walkway, a few flowering shrubs, natural edging, and boulder accents.


With a backyard paradise.

In the backyard, buyers want a comfortable and private spot where they can kick back, relax, and escape from it all. If your home doesn’t have a deck or patio, consider making the investment to create one—it could pay off handsomely in the sale, plus you get to enjoy it while you’re there.

Other less-expensive paradise-promoting options include fire pits, water features, and lighting. Solar light fixtures are a cinch to install and can be placed anywhere there’s something about your landscape you want to highlight, whether a beautiful walking path or perennial plantings.

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